Willis Temby has partnered with RTC to provide specialised workplace risk services

Our partnership with R Tozer Consulting Pty Ltd (RTC) combines our expertise with RTC's best-in-class workers compensation consulting and injury management services, ensuring comprehensive support for your business.

An introduction to RTC

Willis Temby is pleased to be partnering with RTC to provide specialised workers compensation services to our clients.

RTC's services include:

  • general workers compensation consulting;

  • return to work and injury management assistance (Early Intervention Services);

  • claim management; and

  • placement negotiation and WorkCover appeals.

RTC's Early Intervention Services are proven to reduce claim costs and in turn, future premium costs.

Aligning all of these services into a single offering provides for a holistic solution that affords practical benefits including faster and more efficient assessments of injuries (prior to claims being lodged), a quicker return to pre-injury duties for an injured worker and a more engaging experience for injured workers.

Frequently asked questions

Who are RTC?

RTC is a boutique consultancy firm providing specialised workers compensation and injury management risk advisory services. For more detail on RTC, please refer to their website.

Is this service automatic?

Yes, this service is provided automatically to all WA Workers Compensation Insurance policyholders of Willis Temby.

You may opt out of the service if you have an alternative injury management provider.

Does it impact my insurance premium?

To help fund the engagement of RTC, a risk management fee equivalent to 1% of your base premium is applied to your workers compensation insurance policy (minimum fees apply). 

Over the longer term, RTC's Early Intervention Services are proven to reduce claims, claim costs and in turn, premiums. 

How do I lodge an incident?

You can notify your Client Relationship Manager who will forward you a digital Incident Lodgement Form. You may also access this form on this webpage by selecting "Notify an injury".

How do Early Intervention Services work?

For full details on how RTC's Early Intervention Services work, please refer to the Early Intervention Services Flow Chart.

Key documents

If you have opted out of utilising RTC's specialised workers' compensation services, you will be responsible for managing employee injuries and workers' compensation insurance claims.

By law, you must have a WorkCover compliant Return to Work Program and Injury Management System.

Templated documents are available below for use:

Documents that will require your completion in order to lodge a workers' compensation claim are also available below:

Depending on the nature of your employee's injury, additional claim forms may require completion. We will let you know if this is the case upon receipt of your injury notification.